Iron Chic, Low Culture, Lenguas Largas, Rumspringer - Yucca Tap Room - 3/14/14

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Lenguas Largas performs at Yucca Tap Room on Friday night.

Iron Chic, Low Culture, Lenguas Largas, Rumspringer
Yucca Tap Room

Upon entering the Yucca Tap Room, the famous words of Shakespeare's Henry V always seem to come to mind: "Once more unto the breach dear friends." The legendary Tempe bar has seen its fair share of improbable mayhem, which always seems to bestow a pang of half-excited dread upon anyone who frequents the establishment.

That said, there really isn't a better spot to see an intimate bar show in the valley, which provided a well-deserved benefit to Long Island, New York's Iron Chic.

Tempe's Rumspringer opened the night up with the guaranteed explosion they've been delivering for over five years. Perhaps the most enduring band in the Phoenix "beard punk" scene, the trio of malcontents has trademarked their own brand of melodic yet gritty pop punk that is delivered live with a frenetic force that threatens to fly off the rails at any moment.

While referencing innovators like J Church and Hickey, the pop punk veterans deliver a sound all their own that stirred the crowd into drunken buddy-hugs. The belted duel vocals of guitarist, Wes Korte and bassist, Matt Dobbins had an arresting force, and as the set wound down the night was definitely heading in the right direction.

Lenguas Largas are a perplexing and truly original sextet from Tucson. They consist of four guitarists and a Siamese percussion section that shares a perplexing arrangement of drum equipment that's operated with unorthodox utilities such as timpani mallets and maracas. Musically the group defies almost all points of reference, sounding something along the lines of mutant garage rock that you could soundtrack a Spanish bullfight.

From the first song onwards they gripped the audience to the point that even the wrinkled barflies in the back booths were taking notice as front man Isaac Reyes wailed over the hypnotic canvas of "Endless Sands," and the subdued, yet driving "How A Man Should Live." No review can do a band like Lenguas Largas justice as they are truly a force that must be experienced -- the sound they harness somehow seems so distinctly Arizonian -- and anyone who has a tinge of reverence for the unique depth of our fair state's music scene is sure to appreciate it.

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Yucca Tap Room

29 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ

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