Flogging Molly - Tempe Beach Park - 3/17/14 (VIDEO)

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Photos by Jim Louvau
Dave King of Flogging Molly last night at Tempe Beach Park. See more photos via our slideshow.

Flogging Molly
Tempe Beach Park

A wild, crazy, and drunken St. Paddy's Day celebration unfolded at Tempe Beach Park on Monday night as the Celtic folk-punks of Flogging Molly rocked a crowd of thousands during their visit to the Valley on their 10th and final Green 17 Tour.

Dave King, the band's Irish-born lead vocalist/guitarist, kept the energy high as he and his bandmates capped off their decade-long tradition of spending St. Patrick's performing at the Tempe park with a bang.

As King danced little jigs on stage, many people in the crowd attempted to follow in his footsteps, but -- due to inebriation -- ended up looking like they were performing poorly executed versions of the Running Man. Nonetheless, this was a night to remember for those in attendance of the celebration, and not because of drunken dance moves.

Crowd rowdiness at Tempe Beach Park last night.

Flogging Molly's show was also a celebration, as King explained, of how the Irish are finally getting along. And, he added, if they can find peace with each other, then everyone else in the world can do so as well. Of course, such subject matter shouldn't come as a surprise, since Flogging Molly is known for their awareness of sociopolitical issues and their willingness to be open about it in their songs, which is one of the many things that fans have grown to love about them.

And then there's the band's less serious side.

For instance, King demonstrated his mischievous early on when he admitted to the crowd that he didn't have anything green to wear. He quickly remedied the situation, however. "You bastards have [green] everywhere," King said as he pulled out a green necklace to don for the remainder of the night.

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Tempe Beach Park

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Actually he didn't pull a necklace out, he said he didn't have any green on and a fan from the crowd tossed a green necklace on to the stage. Dave ran over to it picked it up and put it on to a huge cheer from the fans.

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