Fender MLB Stratocaster Launch Party: Catching G. Love and Playing Guitar With Baseball Players at the W Hotel Scottsdale

Photos by Jim Louvau
Models show off Fender's new MLB Stratocasters at W Hotel Scottsdale last night. See more photos from the party via our slideshow.

Unlike soccer and vuvuzelas, guitars and baseball don't necessarily go together. But when you're talking about two institutions as American as the Fender Stratocaster and Major League Baseball, the alignment seems a little more warranted.

Such is the case with the new MLB-approved line of Fender Strats that the company unveiled at the W Hotel Scottsdale last night when the behemoth guitar manufacture hosted a small concert and party to celebrate the guitars' official drop on March 31.

Complete with a stage set up in the middle of the W's second floor pool, it's evident that Fender takes care of its own and can turn something as seemingly trivial as a guitar release into a stylish full-blown affair.

G. Love performs at the W last night.

Garrett Dutson, known to the music world as the "G. Love" in G. Love and the Special Sauce, has better blues sensibilities than a lot of those in the genre itself. Calling on a Bukka White cover of "Fixin' To Die" and a version of "Bullfrog Blues," Dutson - performing solo -- played a Philles MLB Stratocaster and a humbucker-equipped Gretch acoustic to great effect.

Although most of the open-shirted dudes and girls in fallopian-length dresses (one of which magically found her way into the pool) seemed to regard the stage with confusion, everyone still stomped a foot or nodded along with Dutson's songs.

Even when he laid into his almost-rapping over songs like "Booty Call," the solo act rarely felt kitschy, even if the audience seemed to lose interest later on in the set.

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W Hotel Scottsdale

7277 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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Michael James
Michael James

"Is that a G string in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?" or "Don't grab it like a baseball bat, girls" (I'm talking about the guitar)

Lea Mainelli
Lea Mainelli

You're correct .... baseball, & strats don't go together ... terrible idea ... insult to strats!!!

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