Dyro on How Working with Hardwell and Tiësto Was "At First a Little Bit Intimidating"

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Who were some of the first DJs you started listening to?

The very first DJ was Tiësto, when I started producing I was a big fan of Hardwell and Laidback Luke. It's funny, all of those guys I was a really big fan of. And I work with them really closely right now. I did a collaboration with Tiësto, worked in the studio with Luke, released a couple songs on Laidback Luke's label. Hardwell and I, and Robin and I, are really good friends right now. So it worked out really well.

How is that? To be working with people you once idolized? Was it a bit intimidating at first?

Yeah, at first it was a little bit intimidating. But I still, not idolize, but really respect Hardwell for Hardwell. But I know the person behind Hardwell, and I became really good friends with him. I still respect Hardwell for his music and his career and all his success. So it's like I know home two ways, I know him as the person where most people only know him as an artist.

When did you acquire the name Dyro?

That's pretty easy, my real name is Jordy, if you rearrange the letters it's Dyro, without the J.

Was there a turning point for you as being a student who produced as a hobby to being a DJ and producer full-time?

Yeah. In the beginning you don't really get a lot of support with your music. You get a couple of likes on Facebook and that's it. When I was still in school I didn't expect anything. I think I was in my fourth year when I got signed by Hardwell. His management took me to Miami. That's when I started realizing that this could be really big. I did finish my school, just, very close. But I did it. That was turning point though, when I first got in contact with Hardwell.

What was your major in?

I don't know what the translation is, but I think it's engineering.

So you have completed 48 episodes of your Daftastic radio podcast, do you approach mixing a podcast the same way you mix a live set? How is it similar or different?

No, the fun thing with podcast is that I can put music in that I really like, and really respect. Some of those songs don't fit into a nightclub or in a festival, but I still really like those songs, and I want my fans to know about those songs. That's the difference between my radio show and live show, the live show is really in the moment and about enjoying the night. The podcast can be easy listening in your car.

You just kicked-off your US and Mexico tour, and you're heading to WMC and Ultra in a few weeks. Do you have any surprises, or anything special planned for those sets?

Not really. Me and Dannic did a song together, so we're hosting our own release party at the Wall in Miami. So that's the most special thing I can think of. Of course I'm going to play a lot of new songs at Ultra, but I think everyone is doing that.

So you're going to be touring for a lot of spring, what do you have planned for the summer? Residencies? More touring? Studio time?

I'm still doing my residency in Vegas at Light. We're working on a lot of stuff, just not confirmed yet. Summer is still far away still. But, we're working on a lot of festivals. I'm doing Mysteryland in New York, a lot of stuff. Everything keeps going.

How do you juggle making new music and life on the road? Is it something you do simultaneously or something you separate?

I really have to separate it. I'm not an on the road producer. I'm really used to my studio and I'm a perfectionist. I don't trust anything I hear on my headphones. I really take time off to be in the studio -- two weeks straight sometimes. Then I go back on tour for a couple of months.

Will you be getting any more studio time soon?

Oh yeah, I just came from Australia last week, we did a two week tour in Australia with Hardwell and Dannic for Future Music. Before that I had two weeks off in the studio. I made a couple new songs for Ultra.

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