Dyro on How Working with Hardwell and Tiësto Was "At First a Little Bit Intimidating"

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Dutch-born DJ and producer Dyro has experienced rapid success in dance music over the past few years. He's produced successful original singles like "Metaphor," "Leprechauns and Unicorns," and "Black Smoke." Not only that, he's also collaborated with names like Tiësto, Bassjackers and Hardwell.

Currently, he holds a residency at Light in Las Vegas and will be hitting some of the major spring and summer festivals over the next few months like Ultra and Mysteryland.

This past weekend, however, Dyro paid a visit to Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale on one of his first stops on his spring tour through North America. Up On the Sun was able to meet with him before his set and discussed his future plans and other things.

Have you played in Arizona before?
I think I did play in Scottsdale with Bassjackers, last April I believe it was. I don't really remember though.

The first time we heard you, it was on Dada Life's podcast and we heard a mashup of "Metaphor" and "Kick-Out the Epic Motherfucker." Do you think the support and promotion of other DJs and producers helped launch your career so quickly? What do you think the cause was for your rapid success?

Well if you compare it to the old way of being successful, you had to be a really really good DJ to become popular. Now of days DJing is easier, it's easier to get in to. It's still hard to actually really a crowd and put down a good set, but now the fastest way is by making music and being a producer first -- and that's what I did.

I made a lot of songs. I sent them around to bigger artists. It found its way to Hardwell, he signed me to his record label, and then a lot of guys started supporting me. That's kind of how it all started.

You're number 30 on DJ Mag's "Top 100" between Fedde Le Grand and Laidback Luke, how does that feel for you?

It's like comparing apples and oranges. Its still good recognition and helps with your career and everything, but to be above guys like Laidback Luke, it's not fair, you know? I'm still really proud of my position, but like I shouldn't be that high. I mean I shouldn't be above certain guys. But still, I'm really happy, and really proud and thankful for everyone that voted.

What kind of music did you start listening to when you were growing up?

Everything, but the thing is, in Holland dance music is on the radio, it's part of our culture. It might be the reason a lot of DJs are from Holland. You turn on the radio and it's 50 percent dance music, 50 percent regular music, but I'm not specified to a certain genre. I listen to everything, I'm inspired by every type of music.

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