††† (Crosses) - Crescent Ballroom - 3/25/14

Photos by Melissa Fossum
††† (Crosses)performs at Crescent Ballroom last night. See more photos via our slideshow.

††† (Crosses)
Crescent Ballroom

It started with crosses. And a rosary.

"O memories that bless and burn / O barren gain and bitter loss / I kiss each bead and strive at last to learn / To kiss the cross, sweetheart / To kiss the cross . . ."

Perry Como's voice crooned over the loudspeakers for "The Rosary" song, which blasted the introduction of ††† (Crosses) onto the stage Tuesday night at Crescent Ballroom. Three heavy three white crosses were set across the back curtain. They flashed green, white, pink, and red throughout the entire performance.

The band started out with "†hholyghs†," and the crowd was enthusiastic as all hell -- maybe it was the sensual energy of the music. That's why I was there. But in all reality, it's probably because Chino Moreno of the Deftones is the lead singer.

Either way, the house was packed, but it was one of the most mellow sold-out shows I've seen in years.

After the band finished the first song, Moreno yelled, "What's up, Phoenix!" and tossed a few guitar picks out over the audience. As he launched into the song †rick, the crowd went wild. I have to admit that I have seen Crescent Ballroom that packed before, but never in such a mellow state with that much light variation and electronica. It has usually been the random lucky occurrence of heavy metal, or else a really, really packed pop indie rock house.

While Moreno's voice might have sounded Deftones-sy as usual, the fuzzy effects were making him drive the crowd more crazy than usual. When it comes to Moreno, it's hard to say whether it is all about his voice talent or the grainy sound engineering . . . granted, the sound engineers were clueless as to where I could even find a set list, so who knows what was luck.

Location Info

Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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