Boyfrndz's Scott Martin: "We Want to Create Our Own Niche"

Boyfrndz is scheduled to perform Sunday, March 30, at Last Exit Live.
Pushing any kind of artistic endeavor through to the finish line is a process destined to involve evolution. Practically no book, drawing, film, album, Play-Doh sculpture, or whatever comes through looking exactly the way its creator originally envisioned it. If Scott Martin wasn't already aware of this reality, he experienced it firsthand as his band, Boyfrndz, came together in 2011.

Initially, Martin imagined the outfit as "a weirdo punk-type band" — think aggressive instrumentals and melodic vocals -- inspired by the likes of underground stalwarts Fugazi and the chaotic Tera Melos side project Bygones.

"Those kinds of things together is what I wanted to do. I was way off," the guitarist/vocalist, 28, says with a laugh.

As it so happens, Boyfrndz ended up making aggressive and melodic music, but punk definitely isn't the first term it brings to mind. The four-piece from Austin trades in a distortion-filled and voluminous but airy sound that lends itself to dramatic, grandiose descriptions because it's so unusual.

Sometimes, the songs are earnest enough to power campfire sing-alongs; others stir up imagery of galaxies collapsing on each other in staggering ballets or of ominous chants being sung right above canyons. Boyfrndz's output exists somewhere between post-rock, shoegaze, math rock, and post-hardcore. Martin identifies most with "experimental rock."

"We're certainly a rock 'n' roll band, but we're not set in one certain spot," he says. "[Calling ourselves] experimental leaves us open to experimenting with whatever the fuck we want."

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Last Exit Live

717 S. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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