Blues Blast 2014 - Hance Park - 3/8/14

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Benjamin Leatherman
Hans Olson onstage at Blues Blast 2014.

They also smiled upon Hans Olson, as did the sun. The veteran musician, who helped found the Phoenix Blues Society back in 1989, played between sets and said the stage was so hot that at one point he couldn't pick up his harmonica or guitar until they brought him an umbrella.

Olson enjoyed performing at the event, save for the heat, and says that the "audience was fun." While he has previously appeared at the festival when it was held at Mesa Amphitheater, it was his first time performing at a Blues Blast at Hance Park.

Olson says he chose not to appear at the event since its location because of the former state of the park.

"It used to be flat, dirt ugly," he says. "But they planted high tech grass."

Olson didn't mind performing sets, which included original songs from his lengthy repertoire and covers of John Lee Hooker to Fleetwood Mac, while other bands and artists set up and broke down their gear.

"It was really easy," he says. "I enjoyed it because I only had 15 minutes at a time."

Olson staged his final performance of the afternoon right before Blues Blast headliner Samantha Fish and her band offered the audience a lengthy set of amped-up blues-rock that lasted more than an hour and a half.

Benjamin Leatherman
Samantha Fish headlining Blues Blast 2014.

While the sky turned from blue to orange as the sun set over the horizon, Fish showed off her ample guitar skills to the Blues Blast crowd on songs like "Black Wind Howlin," while tracks like "Last September" gave her a chance to demonstrate her great vocal talents as well.

Her set list also included tales of broken hearts and bad relationships, such as in songs like "Kick Around," "Sucker Born," and "Go to Hell"

Benjamin Leatherman
The Samantha Fish Band.

The latter track isn't exactly a love song, but it's something the audience can relate to as the crowd once again rose to their feet and dancing away when Fish powered through that song, which is off the album Black Wind Howlin on Ruf Records.

As the dim lights of dusk bathed Hance Park in amber light, Fish also busted out a rip-roaring blues version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" towards the end of her set, which certainly delighted the audience and helped cap off this year's Blues Blast in fun fashion.

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