Blues Blast 2014 - Hance Park - 3/8/14

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Stan Bindell
Sugar Ray and members of the Rhythm Room All-Stars at Blues Blast 2014.

Eldred added that the 80-degree heat was brutal, but the strong crowd response at Blues Blast made the performance worthwhile.

Another performer who deal with the heat was Sugaray Rayford, who's head was beaded with sweat by the time that he and the and the Rhythm Room All-Stars completed their set.

Rayford and the All-Stars mixed up Chicago, Memphis and Texas blues at the festival and the singer had the crowd up and dancing with tunes like "Why Are People Like That," "I Ain't Got Nobody," "Money Tree," and "Country Boy."

He was doing a bit of dancing himself, moving about the stage while getting into Mardi Gras mode and throwing the necklaces out into the crowd. Rayford also offered some of his signature humor in the form of some sage-like advice.

"Men are the heads, but women are the necks and they can move the heads anyway they want," he told the crowd.

Rayford, who also recently moved to Phoenix, said he enjoyed being at Blues Blast because he didn't have to jump on a plane afterward to get to his next show.

"I'll be home before the sweat dries, but we also had a nice cool breeze," he says. "We had a good crowd. You couldn't beat it. I also love playing with the Rhythm Room All-Stars. I get an education every time I play with them."

Benjamin Leatherman
Bob Corritore plays his harmonica at Blues Blast 2014.

And they've certainly performed together a lot. The All-Stars -- which include Rhythm Room owner and internationally acclaimed harmonica player Bob Corritore, as well as Chris James, Patrick Rynn, Brian Fahey, and Mojo Mark -- have served as Rayford's backing band in recent months.

As he's wont to do, Corritore provided an excellent performance on the harmonica during Blues Blast, helping accompany Rayford during their lengthy set together.

"Sugaray is a great musician, but he's also a great entertainer and person," Corritore says. "The festival gods smiled on us today."

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Margaret T. Hance Park

1134 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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