Glendale's Black Bottom Lighters Are Cleared for Takeoff

"It was one of the best feelings you can have as a band, to get picked for McDowell Mountain. It's a goal that's been accomplished, and not only that, but to have the best time slot of any local band that day [8:30 p.m. Saturday, March 29], it's an honor. It puts the pressure on us, but we've had the pressure, so it gives us an opportunity to overcome," drummer Ryan McPhatter says. "I think it was a good choice because we are going to bring it. We have a big set planned. They didn't make a mistake — we will show everybody why we got that spot."

The band's sweet, irie sounds mixed with Stillwell's distinctively raspy voice really make the band's more subdued reggae tracks, like "Astronaut," "Home Grown," and current single "Carousel," stand out. But then tracks like "Nuclear" come off with a harder edge that leans more toward ska.

Mix a familiar reggae sound, Stilwell's memorable voice, a passion for partying with fans, and a certain green plant, and the formula for BBL's success becomes readily apparent.

"They aren't fans; they're all friends," Stilwell says. "One giant group of friends, and we are constantly expanding."

Whether they are fans or friends, the numbers are unmistakable: BBL sold nearly 800 tickets for its March 15 date at Tempe Beach Park and more than 500 for the headlining set at the Marquee.

"Headlining the Marquee was, honestly, the big one, because when you get your own night there, that's huge. I've seen so many of my favorite bands on that stage, and I was always like, dude, I want to do that. For all the guys who grew up in Arizona and knowing what a staple the Marquee is in local music, that was just awesome," McPhatter says.

However, Stilwell says in referencing the title of their debut full-length, the amount of concertgoers does not matter to BBL. "First thing that Taide [Pineda, rhythm guitar] said to me when we first started out at our first gig at Calico Jack's. I was like, 'Dude, this place is dead. There is literally like two people in here.' And he was like, 'Dude, two or 2,000, we are going to rock it just the same."

Black Bottom Lighters are scheduled to perform at McDowell Mountain Music Festival on Saturday, March 29, at Margaret T. Hance Park.

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Margaret T. Hance Park

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I met them in Oregon at the BurntWoodsStock Music Festival, I've never cared much for Reggae Music much as I'm an 80's Headbanger music (Butt Rock to the "little kids" these days) and i must say BLACKBOTTOMLIGHTERS ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!!

Last month they took time out of their busy schedule to come and visit, eat lunch, and perform some music for my wife while she was recovering from her cancer surgery at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear, that really meant a lot to my wife, Stilly and the BlackBottomLighters your the best of people and you ROCKED OUR WORLD! 

We have not the words to say but the love in our hearts for BlackBottomLighters, you really made a difference for us!!!!!!!!!


If you enjoy reggae, they are must see!!  I've been following them really closely for the last couple of years and they are phenomenal.  Stilly's voice fits the band great and they are all awesome musicians/performers.  

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