Glendale's Black Bottom Lighters Are Cleared for Takeoff

Ben Garcia
Black Bottom Lighters
Even without an LP on which to hang their hat, Glendale-based reggae band Black Bottom Lighters have opened for Flogging Molly on St. Patrick's Day, toured the West Coast, played the local stage at True Music Festival, and headlined a pre-Thanksgiving show at The Marquee.

Suffice it to say few bands experience such success without even releasing an album. But the six-piece has found a way to break through locally behind an EP and impressive live shows.

Not to mention their month as's featured band, their opening slot for Rebelution and Atmosphere two weeks ago, and their headlining appearance on Jacksonville, Florida's Big Ticket Music Festival's "B" stage.

And in the short time between my interview with the band and the publication of this story, Black Botttom Lighters were announced as part of the lineup of Tucson's Wild Wild West Fest in April. In other words, you have to pay close attention to keep up with their busy schedule.

"It's rewarding, but scary at the same time," says singer Ryan Stilwell. "Because you have to keep doing bigger and bigger things. We are just trying to figure out how to keep topping ourselves and going up." With their upcoming album, 2 or 2,000, and a date performing this weekend's McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Black Bottom Lighters seem poised to join Phoenix band KONGOS at the next level.

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I met them in Oregon at the BurntWoodsStock Music Festival, I've never cared much for Reggae Music much as I'm an 80's Headbanger music (Butt Rock to the "little kids" these days) and i must say BLACKBOTTOMLIGHTERS ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!!

Last month they took time out of their busy schedule to come and visit, eat lunch, and perform some music for my wife while she was recovering from her cancer surgery at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear, that really meant a lot to my wife, Stilly and the BlackBottomLighters your the best of people and you ROCKED OUR WORLD! 

We have not the words to say but the love in our hearts for BlackBottomLighters, you really made a difference for us!!!!!!!!!


If you enjoy reggae, they are must see!!  I've been following them really closely for the last couple of years and they are phenomenal.  Stilly's voice fits the band great and they are all awesome musicians/performers.  

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