Rawcus' Racially Tinged Song "White People Crazy" Is the Sound of the Internet Eating Itself

YouTube via Rawcus WPC
Featuring a silhouetted collection of dudes, Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style, in front of videos of white people doing ridiculous, Jackass-style nonsense, Atlanta rapper Rawcus' "White People Crazy" is the sound of the Internet eating itself alive.

Although it remains a little south of viral (still only 253,000 YouTube hits as of this writing), it's popular enough to warrant the modest amount of consideration that a few blog posts might allow, if only because the trap beat behind Rawcus' tomfoolery is actually kind of good.

To be sure, there's a racial hornet's nest that "White People Crazy" stirs up.

The YouTube comments section -- typically the bastion of well-considered, erudite observations, as you surely know -- is littered with lots of hastily dispatched "Why is it not okay for white people to make a video like this?" gripes. Similar comments follow almost every article posted about the video.

Depending on the reader, the myriad problems with that line of reasoning are either self-evident or bear far more convincing than one can do in so short an article as this. Moreover, they kind of miss the point entirely: Rawcus mostly is just having a laugh, one about as harmless as the World's Wildest Videos-type show would be garnering from these videos anyway.

And, to be sure, many of the funniest moments in the song are a subversion of its very title: showing Michael Jackson dangling his infant from the balcony, "Half-Obama, he crazy;" "Kanye West's clothes, they crazy."

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