Weezer - Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open - 1/30/14

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Photos by Jim Louvau
Weezer performs at the Coors Light Birds Nest last night. See more photos via our slideshow.

Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open

As the famous 20th Century Fox fanfare played and the lights dimmed inside the Coors Light Birds Nest at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Friday night, the crowd might have expected Weezer to greet them with all the spectacle of a summer comic book blockbuster. Not quite. Instead, Rivers Cuomo shyly walked out dressed casually in an unbuttoned dress shirt, suit, and a dark pair of jeans so straight you'd think his mother ironed them before he went onstage.

As the iconic power-pop quartet unenthusiastically chanted, "the workers are going home" during the opener "My Name Is Jonas," it became apparent that band was feeling like they'd shown up to work. Maybe feeling like phoning it in or just killing time. That's because for Weezer, it's less than two weeks until vacation. In mid-February, the band sets sail for the Bahamas for their second annual Weezer Cruise. And all they had to do in the meantime was play some songs and collect a paycheck.

That drone-ish attitude was apparent as the stage lights changed to green as the band moved on to their comeback hit "Hash Pipe" in a workmanlike‎ fashion. Audience members smiled at each other knowingly as they realized that the stage engineers were coordinating the lights to match Weezer's color-coded back catalog. This was the only wink the crowd would get from the band, as the audience wasn't acknowledged for the first two-thirds of Weezer's hour-and-a-half set.

Like any good office worker, Cuomo toiled away with his head down and his eyes closed, trying his hardest to stay focused. The crowd desperately wanted Cuomo's attention, but he refused them. Even when he was experiencing problems with his guitar during a rendition of "Troublemaker," he tried to play it cool so no one would notice that he wasn't having a good day at the office.

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Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open

17020 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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