Travis James Is Raising Hell and Having Fun

James and bandmates Aaron Hjalmarson and Mark Sunman, both of local "punkgrass" band The Haymarket Squares, promise tunes like "Special Delivery," a fast song about sending letterbombs to authority figures, as well as an autobiographical track of James' called "Broken Kids and Bad Friends."

"While I'm not necessarily opposed to the fact most people make boring music and have boring lives, I try to make sure my music and my life make each other more interesting," James says. "Otherwise, neither is worth it for me."

The upcoming album's tracks aren't all about being a rebel, however, as James promises a few "embarrassing" love songs thrown in for good measure.

When he's not concocting ways to disrupt the live music scene, James also works on a 40-minute, 12-song punk rock musical about opposing authority and society, to be released this year. He promises scenes of fire-setting, blood-spilling, "and other assorted bits of charming idiocy reflecting on the psycho-social implications of existential pointlessness."

Plus, he declares there will be an acoustic punk show in a storm drain this year. "Come get gross in the gutter with us," James says. Very punk, indeed.

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