Top 10 February Metal Shows in Metro Phoenix

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Dark Tranquility is scheduled to perform on Sunday, February 28, at Club Red in Tempe.
It can be easy to miss unless you're looking for it, but there are a lot of metal (heavy or otherwise) in and around Metro Phoenix, thanks to concerts and gigs by locals and touring acts alike. As such, Up on the Sun's resident metal scribe Lauren Wise is always on the lookout for the best upcoming shows to come through town.

That's why we had her compile a monthly list of the 10 best metal shows that will be staged at venues around the Valley during the month of February. Each is worth checking out, especially if you're into local metal.

Singularity, Dead Swarm, and Dead Spawn - Saturday, February 8 - Crabby Dons

It's all about local acts on this bill. Singularity is a kick-ass extreme metal, Dead Swarm is all about the experimental metal, and Deadspawn describes themselves as "inhuman blackened death metal." Expect some great people watching at this show. Plus, it's put on by Kill Death Productions, which is a local production company run by Manni Jimenez that's all about the local heavy metal.

She Murdered Me CD Release feat. Discordant, Cry Evil, and more - Saturday, February 8 - Club Red

She Murdered Me has been around only for about two years, but they've already shared the stage with such bands as Six Feet Under, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Spineshank and Broken Hope. This four-piece brings some real aggression to the stage. Plus, Discordant hails from Payson. Since they don't have much in the way of venues up in those parts, Discordant's members drive upwards of 200 miles round-trip just to find places to play. The band has a great groove-driven rhythm section, and some kick-ass vocals to boot.

Location Info


Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

Crabby Don's

3861 E. Baseline Road, Gilbert, AZ

Category: Music

Joe's Grotto

13825 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Club Red

1308 W. University Dr., Mesa, AZ

Category: Music

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im glad the new times is covering metal.


im glad the new times is covering metal shows.  keep it up

Jason Nicklin
Jason Nicklin

I'm astounded to see that the New Times finally mentioned St. Madness and Sectas. There are a ton of other great metal bands playing in February that received no mention. A pretty weak list. Nice try though.


protip: Omnium Gatherum has jack shit to do with death metal, it's just watered down melodic death metal too, of the finnish school

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