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Mitchell Wojcik

Into It. Over It. - Pub Rock - Tuesday, February 4

Chicagoan Evan Weiss is far from a fresh-faced dabbler in the genre, having spent the better part of the past 15 years cranking out angular angst with myriad bands. But now he's a key player of the current "emo revival" following last year's Intersections LP by his one-man band, Into It. Over It.

While previous releases were endearing enough on their own modest terms, Intersections is the real deal, proof that "adult" lyrical content and sophisticated production can be powerfully paired with Braid-styled riffs.

Weiss will visit Pub Rock in Scottsdale for a mid-week performance by Into It. Over It. Also scheduled to appear is fellow indie/emo act The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (a.k.a. the music world's latest candidate for the "Most Unique Band Name" award), as well as A Great Big Pile of Leaves and Merit. -- Rob Van Alstyne

Location Info


Pub Rock

8005 E. Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Musical Instrument Museum Music Theater

4725 E. Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Rhythm Room

1019 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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