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Melissa Fossum
Jim Adkins, frontman of Jimmy Eat World and Phoenix Rock Lottery participant.

Phoenix Rock Lottery - Crescent Ballroom - Sunday, February 9

Homegrown hitmakers come around but once in a blue moon. Getting a chance to jam all day long and hit the stage at night with said hitmaker -- in this case, Jim Adkins, frontman of Jimmy Eat World? That'd be like hitting the lottery. And it's just what 19 local musicians (each somewhat notable, relatively speaking, in his or her own right) hope to do when they buy a metaphorical ticket for the first Phoenix Rock Lottery, in which five quartets shall be formed at random from a list of 20 musicians and then sequestered for the day to compose and rehearse three original tunes as well as learn one cover.

After roughly 10 hours, the five nascent combos will convene for a concert to benefit local charity Rosie's House: A Music Academy for Children. Besides Adkins, several familiar faces are tabbed to participate, including ace multi-instrumentalist Robin Vining (who did time in Jimmy Eat World last year), Matt Noaks of Black Carl, and Mike Bell of Lymbyc Systym, as well folks from popular local acts like Wooden Indian, Emby Alexander, Mergence, and Dry River Yacht Club. -- Jay Bennett

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