Tempe's Time Out Lounge Beefs Up Its Music

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Time Out Lounge's Westley Allen
If there's been one thing missing from Time Out Lounge over the years -- and, frankly, there isn't much you can't find at the infamous Tempe dive bar and pool joint -- it's live music. But that situation's changed, thanks to Westley Allen.

The veteran Time Out bartender, DJ behind KWSS' Erratic Radio, and all-around rock 'n' roll deviant has been booking bands and DJs on various Thursday nights since Halloween last year. It's a natural progression for a bar that has always catered to musicians and their fans.

"I conned the bar into letting me throw a Halloween party which was way lucrative for them, so they've let me run with it," Allen says. "I've bartended there for eight years now. They just let me start booking."

A redesign last year removed a dividing wall inside Time Out that formerly separated the jukebox from the pool tables, opening up a small, elevated stage for DJs and live acts.

Until recently, Time Out's music offerings were relegated to a jukebox. And what a jukebox it was. Before TouchTunes invaded, TO had one of the best old-school boxes in the Valley, one with a rotating selection of punk, new wave, metal . . . whatever. Years ago, Hayden's title track from the movie Trees Lounge held a perennial spot on the jukebox -- if there's ever been an anthem for dive bars like Time Out, this is the song:

Over the past month or so, we've been monitoring TO's live-music offerings and losing money in the process to an excellent pool player, Eddie "The Mouth" Phillips, during some of the most intensely competitive, daring and tragic pool games ever played.

Final Score (tentative):
New Times: 12
Time Out: 24

After we picked ourselves up and dusted off from the loss, here's what we've witnessed on the music front.

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Time Out Lounge

3129 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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