The Urinals, Far Corners, Man Hands, and More - Double Nickels Collective - 2/22/14

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Alex Remple
New Mexico's Far Corners.
The real surprise treat of the night was Las Cruces' Far Corners. Wielding a broad and well-studied sphere of influences, Far Corners manages to produce a unique blend of post punk that's genuinely hard to pin down. At any one time you can detect elements of Gang of Four and Wire to inspirations as far afield as Nation of Ulysses. Their song structuring was tidy, and the instrumentation was precise down to the feedback durations -- very impressive all around.

Benjamin Leatherman
John Talley-Jones of The Urinals.

The crowd inflated noticeably as The Urinals finally blasted off. From the first song onward, they really denied all reference points. At times they stayed near the Dangerhouse Records style of punk that birthed them, but continuously proved that they had long eschewed the sort of purposefully unpracticed aesthetic from their earlier years. Their set was a shape shifter drifting from popish anthems to avant-garde garage rock. They even managed to slip in a 13th Floor Elevators cover as part of their encore.

From top to bottom, the show was well rounded and catered to a broad audience. A great way to spend a Saturday night in Tempe, and well worth the five spot entry fee.

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Double Nickels Record Collective

45 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ

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