The Linecutters - Long Wong's - 2/14/14

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Photos by Jeff Moses
The Linecutters perform at Long Wong's in Tempe Friday night.

The Linecutters
Long Wong's

Although its always hard to tell how far any new band will go -- and even harder when said band comprises high school juniors -- local punkers The Linecutters seem to have it. The Gilbert-based thrash trio have been around only since September, but they already have a nice 14-song set of about 10 originals, most of which are good and include two clear hits.

Friday night, The Linecutters took that 14-song set to Long Wong's in Tempe to open for Fairy Bones for what amounts to the first bona fide bar show the nascent punk band has played. (Before Friday, save for one battle of the bands at Club Red, all the shows The Linecutters previously had performed were of the backyard/DIY variety.) And it went splendidly for them.

In their first appearance at the Tempe music venue, The Linecutters drew more than 30 people, and, judging by the sound of the applause, they impressed most of them.

The group just has the right look, the right sound, and the right attitude, and appear to be able to survive the trials and tribulations of being a band while still in high school.

Location Info

Long Wong's at the Firehouse - CLOSED

1639 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, AZ

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