Stone Sour - Marquee Theatre - 2/9/14

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Photos by Jim Louvau
Stone Sour performs at the Marquee Theatre Sunday night. See more photos from our slideshow.

Stone Sour
Marquee Theatre

Generally, when singers of huge bands decide to launch side projects or go back to rekindle the rock 'n' roll romance of bands they started before hitting the big time, it's because they don't like having time off, have material that doesn't quite fit into their platinum-selling band's repertoire, or are trying to help out their musician friends who didn't make it.

This kind of band usually does a couple of tours and isn't taken overly serious by itself or its fans. Stone Sour is not that kind of band.

Josh Rand of Stone Sour.

In fact, while Corey Taylor and company haven't put out as many records as the masked juggernaut known as Slipknot (the vocalist's other band), Stone Sour continues to prove that it can stand on its own feet as it packed a near sell-out show last night at Tempe's Marquee Theatre.

The band hit the stage at 9:30 p.m. sharp exploding into "The House of Gold & Bones," which set the tone. There clearly is a difference in the unmasked Taylor, who was smiling from ear to ear throughout the 19-song set, and he genuinely seemed happy to be there.

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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This show was magnificent.  I doubt we will ever again see this band in such a small, accessible, intimate setting.  It's awesome to see a show like this where people generally decided it's not worth the trouble.  For $30 and no anal probe to get in the door?  Simply awesome.  And the Marquee turns out to be a not-bad-sounding room.  Very satisfying and I felt privileged to be there.  

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