Boston's Infamous Slapshot to Bring Straight Edge to Yucca Tap Room on Friday

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Maureen Roxanny/Miami New Times
Despite the chill in the air, many of you have been champing at the bit to slip on a wifebeater, draw Xs on the back of your hands, and slam-dance to classic East Coast hardcore and old-school straight-edge thrash.

When Boston's Slapshot makes its first trip to the desert in 20 years, you'll get your chance. Fans of hard and heavy chugga-chugga performed at light speed will dig these guys. Slapshot is known for rowdy shows, rowdy crowds, and an even rowdier frontman, Jack "Choke" Kelly, punk's reigning Archie Bunker disciple.

There is little doubt someone -- especially native New Yorkers, hip-hop lovers, and fans of political correctness -- will be offended by straight-edge stalwart "Choke" Kelly's onstage banter and his notoriously un-PC lyrics.

But what kind of punk show would it be without somebody getting pissed off about something?

Led by Kelly, Slapshot's only original remaining member, the band rose to prominence in the mid-'80s as part of the second wave of Boston hardcore and once featured members of even older-school bands Negative FX and Terminally Ill. The band is infamous for its constant lineup changes, and it's hard to walk the streets of Boston without bumping into a punk who didn't at least play a few shows with the band. By all reports, the current lineup holds its own and then some.

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Yucca Tap Room

29 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ

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What's the incentive for a bar to book a straight edge act? Don't the booze sales suffer?

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