St. Valentine's Day Massacre - The Sail Inn - 2/14/14

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Photos by Ben Garcia
Dan Allmond of Field Tripp performs Friday night at The Sail Inn.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre
The Sail Inn

There is a stark contrast between the playing styles of Field Tripp's Dan Allmond and Brandon Decker. To wit: Decker appears to be a driven perfectionist looking to squeeze every bit of soul out of each note, while Allmond seems content as long as there is music in the air, more so if he happens to be the one making it.

And though their personal styles may clash, their music most certainly does not. For Valentine's Day, the two groups laid it down at The Sail Inn with a co-headlining performance during their dual release party Friday night.

Allmond even got to pull double duty, playing lead guitar and singing lead in Field Tripp before joining decker. to play lead guitar as well.

Tripp was the first of the two headliners to take the stage, going on about 10:45 p.m. on The Sail Inn's outdoor stage. On the new EP, Les Is Mormon, their first release since 2011, Allmond plays all the instruments except drums on one track. In concert, the band is a local supergroup, featuring David Cooper of Snake! Snake! Snakes! on drums and Jess Pruitt of The Shivereens on bass.

Field Tripp played the entire six-song EP in order and added three tracks that Allmond hopes to release this year -- "Casablanca," "Something Silver," and "What'd You Say." They really nailed it from start to finish, bringing to life the acid rock sound that Allmond has been looking for, and Allmond knew it, the crowd knew it, and each knew that each other knew it.

It was an awesomely intimate setting on the outdoor stage. Not to say that the turnout was not good; it just was not huge. Field Tripp seemed to find that happy middle ground between packed house and crickets chirping, so the show seemed both live and rocking and innately personal at the same time.

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