Now Forming: The Church of Music

It's All About Beliefs, Right?

As any religious person will tell you (usually when flummoxed by facts): The most important thing about a religion is belief.

Hell, the only thing you have to have is a belief. There doesn't have to be a shred of proof (and there never is). Just a super-powerful hope (best served with logic-defying passion).

I believe in music.

Let me rephrase that: I worship music.

Music is a powerful force that has affected me forever. It has never let me down. It makes me happy, sad, curious, melancholy, and nearly every other emotional state. It counsels me, it guides me, it accepts me, it cures me, and it takes me to a place where few things can take me.

It brings me closer to what I perceive to be The One than thousands of church services and sermons ever did.

There have been countless times over the years when I've been listening, at a concert, or in my car, or on the headphones, and I've instinctually felt that spiritual feeling of being at one with the whole mess -- the kind of feeling normally reserved for love or nature.

Hopefully, you know the feeling to which I refer.

As a bonus, unlike God, I know things about music. I can hear it. I know who made it. There are things about it that I can prove. I can make factual statements about it.

If you are a religious person, especially of the fundamentalist persuasion (which includes most of my extended family), then you don't like what I'm saying. Fair enough. I respect your right to believe whatever you want to believe (with the caveat that all the passion in the world doesn't turn hopes into facts).

If you aren't religious, and you spend part of your free time reading a music blog, then you might understand my belief. You might share my passion.

You might be a potential member of The Church of Music.

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How about turning a bar somewhere into the Church of Cigarettes.


I could be there part time but certain times of the year it would conflict with the sunday morning worship of NFL. That church also has sacramental beer.

Speculation, of course, but I think (is believe proper in this context?), had he lived, Brian Jones would have been a better player than Keith or Ron, though he probably would not have stayed with the Stones. Never know, though I'd hate to see it become a ford vs. chevy, mac/pc kind of debate.  

Mandi Kimes
Mandi Kimes

So, when/where is the first church service?

valleynative topcommenter

The important point here is that the pinheads who are pushing this bill pretty clearly believe that there is only one religion that really matters.

Sure, there are some minor variations that are still basically the same, because they believe in Jesus, and then there are the Jews, who at least believe in the same god, but those others aren't really "religions", in their minds.  

They're really just "other cultures", which is just another way of saying that they're somehow more primitive than us, and just waiting to be converted to "real religion".

This law isn't really intended to protect them, of course.  They never even gave that much consideration and would be outraged if somebody tried to use this decent Christian law to promote some other value.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


Everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.  -- 2 Chronicles 15:13

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