5 Must-See New Music Videos From Phoenix Bands

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YouTube via Prowling Kind
A screenshot from The Prowling Kind's music video for "Melted Together."
When they haven't been busy rehearsing, recording, or playing out around town, five Valley bands -- The Prowling Kind, Andy Warpigs, The Hourglass Cats, The Prowling Kind, Fairy Bones, and The Haymarket Squares -- have been busying themselves in recent weeks planning and filming music videos for their latest tracks. Some are quite epic, while others are visual feasts and maybe even a bit strange, and each is unique in its own way.

The Prowling Kind, "Melted Together"

The Prowling Kind released the video for their track "Melted Together," from their debut LP, Tennessee, earlier this month, and it has already garnered more than 1,400 views on YouTube. It's also a really great song that lets The Prowling Kind show off their blend of rock and blues.

The video, directed by Frank Thomas of Visual Concept Media and partially shot at midtown Phoenix's QCumber Vintage Shop, is filled with lush imagery involving a fantastical journey into an otherworldly realm by lead singer Mickey Pangburn. The video starts with the band entering the store to browse, followed by the songstress finding a dusty book of fairy tales and winding up getting sucked into the story. She finds herself running around in dark, fairytale woods where the entire environment is controlled by the goings on within the store. The video is tremendous.

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Great to see phoenix on the map.  We promote a lot of unsigned and emerging phoenix artists over http://www.immitter.com so naturally we've gotta root for this post.

Randy Bell
Randy Bell

She's got the best voice-Fairy Bones, Best video-Prowling Kind, Andy Warpigs-too much blood.

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