Country Crooner Mike Easterday on Appearing on CMT's Music City Madness and the Perils of Getting His Music on the Radio

Do you have a favorite moment from any performance?
I mean, my guitar player, his mom's boyfriend was here and he was really drunk and he was holding the camera and he was filming me and tipping over sideways -- this guy has crazy gray hair -- and he goes, 'I'm filming you, Mike!" I couldn't sing anymore, I was just looking away. It's kind of embarrassing when you can't sing because you're laughing, but you know, it's fun.

You haven't had a single released since 2011. Are you working on anything new right now that we can expect for this year?
Yeah, I'm always trying to write stuff. It's always a process. That's actually my goal for this year -- to go back to Nashville and record four more songs again. It's kind of expensive. But, when you release a single you have to pay promotions companies and that's expensive too. Well, you don't have to, but it helps. That's kind of what got me on radio stations. They kind of helped call radio stations and get the word out, I guess.

Can we hear you on any of our local radio stations?
No. I e-mailed KMLE [FM 107.9] and KNIX [FM 102.5] and they said they turn down big artists all the time -- basically saying I'm out of luck. You have to build on smaller radio stations and then medium stations, and that kind of gives you a way to maybe get in there.

Do you typically only play at bars like San Tan Flat and Toby's [I Love This Bar & Grill] or do you ever have your own shows?

Mostly San Tan and Toby's. We used to play at a place called Tom Ryan's. It's not called that anymore, but we also play at Pinnacle Peak Patio and Toby's has one in Peoria, one in Tucson, and one in Mesa, and they're building a new one in CityNorth, so between those four, we should be pretty busy.

We just played out here [San Tan Flat] with the band two weeks ago, but I've been playing this place regularly for the past four years every Wednesday and Thursday -- I used to do Sundays, too. Then there's the side stuff that comes up. Like, they did an open house thing in Florence and I went and played for their big community get-together. With playing this twice a week, I play about 100 shows and with the band we play about 150 shows a year.

Mike Easterday is scheduled to perform on Friday and Saturday at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill in Mesa.

Find any country music concert in the Valley via our online calendar.
Find any show in the Valley via our online concert calendar.

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