Why Phoenix's Biggest Miley Cyrus Fan Matt Peterson Should Be Admired

Photo by Troy Farah
Local Miley Cyrus über-fan Matt Peterson (and his tongue) outside Aside of Heart.

Some people will do just about anything for a shred of acknowledgement from their pop idols. For Arcadia High School student Matt Peterson, that meant filming himself naked on Camelback Mountain with his no-no area obscured by a foam twerk finger as he asked his celebrity crush Miley Cyrus to the prom.

As things like this go, the video quickly went viral, reaching more than 300,000 views in less than a week, stopping just short of a million before Warner Brothers claimed copyright and yanked it from YouTube. (Peterson since has uploaded it again.)

Peterson's invitation landed him airtime on E! and Fox 10, as well as radio interviews across the country. Everyone wanted to know what made this kid ask such a bold question to a rich and famous pop star. It's actually surprising that no one thought of the idea sooner, but every meme of a similar vein gives me that l'esprit d'escalier feeling of "shoulda thoughta that."

Ms. Cyrus eventually did respond to Peterson's forthright request, saying she couldn't make it to his prom night (likely because she'll be touring Europe at the time), and she invited him backstage when her "Bangerz Tour" cruises through Phoenix on February 27.

Peterson now plans to tailor a suit made of tongues, which, um, sounds pretty cool.

However, it won't be the first time Matt and Miley lock eyes. In 2009, when Peterson was 12, he randomly was picked to meet the former Disney princess during a radio interview during 104.7's Johnjay and Rich show. Six months after that, Miley gave the guy a shout-out at her show at Jobing.com Arena. Each time, Matt wept tears of joy.

I don't understand this kind of modern pop icon worship. Why so desperate to have your existence recognized by someone who makes Auto-Tuned, ringtone-ready MP3s? But I can't throw stones, exactly, so before Miley turned down the lad, I gave Matt a call and asked him a few questions.

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Rob Zemeida
Rob Zemeida

This is the dumbest thing I've seen today and no, I'm not going to read the story


Actually, it opened many doors for Matt Peterson.  Creativity and confidence helped Matt have a once in a lifetime experience.  Try thinking out of the box!  Great job on the article. 

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