Madball, Twitching Tongues, Born Low, and Power - Pub Rock - 2/25/14

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Photos by Alex Rempel
Madball performs at Pub Rock on Tuesday night.

Pub Rock

Upon entering the low-lit dungeon of Scottsdale's Pub Rock Tuesday night, there was an immediate wall of aggro vibes smashing you in the face. More than understandable, considering the night's entertainment was New York hardcore legends Madball.
Formed in the late '80s after a trend had emerged: Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret's kid brother Freddy jumping on stage and taking over vocal duties.

Though started as a somewhat humorous side project (Freddy being young at the time), Madball soon became a dead-serious unit and fell in line with pioneering the signature metallic style of '90s New York hardcore, alongside bands like Sheer Terror and Marauder. The group also is one of the flagship acts associated with the infamous DMS Crew that maintains a powerful foothold in the New York hardcore world.

Evan Somerhiser of Power.

The night began with a set from Bremerton, Washington's Power. Very little comes to mind when trying to describe the group, as they ultimately were forgettable, another in a massive wave of modern metallic hardcore bands that floods the genre.

They stumbled through a lackluster set of stock chugging breakdowns and stomping verses aided by guttural barking vocals. Oddly, the singer was wearing a shirt straight off his own merchandise table that displayed a logo that comes painfully close to a Mountain Dew label.

Born Low performs at Pub Rock.

Next up was Albany's Born Low, which musically resembled Power's soulless mosh fodder to a T, with the only noticeable difference being the singer's displaying a bit more energy, bouncing around the stage and shouting out gym coach-esque orders to the crowd.

Between songs, special announcements and dedications were made, one of which was a soliloquy about how much the singer loves his father. A real head-scratcher moment. And once again, the frontman was wearing his own band's shirt. (What's next, name tags?) Toward the end of the set, the first display of hardcore dancing erupted. Part aerobics, part ballet, part karate, it's a strange sight for anyone outside the different channels of hardcore to witness.

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Pub Rock

8005 E. Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, AZ

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