Kings of Spade is Bringing Its "Fun, Heavy, and Danceable" Blues-Rock to Viva PHX

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Kasi Nunes and Tim Corker of Kings of Spade.

And Savio thinks it is Nunes that helps set them apart from other bands, and not only because of her vocal talents. The 36-year-old singer identifies as a transgender, which Savio says makes Kings of Spade unique and earns them some extra attention, but isn't much of an issue.

"To be honest it's really been more of a blessing if anything. It's not like we walk into a bar and people are like, 'That chick looks like a dude.' It's never been like that," says Savio. "If we ever ran across a person who it was an issue for, once they meet us and hear the music, I don't really think it will be an issue any more. Seems like we would have in such hot, social gender-bending times, but it's just not something that comes into play."

If nothing else, Savio says, the Kings of Spade singer "appeals to [both] guys and girls on stage."

"[She] has a wider appeal," he says. "Casting a wider net is always a good thing. I've never really looked at her as a guy or a girl, she's just Kasi."

Besides her unique gender status, Nunes also grabs people's attention in other ways via her tremendous vocal talents, as she can she can really wail.

"She's just a really good front person and she really tends to capture people's attention and reel them in," Savio says. "We have a real classic sound, blues mostly, and everyone can get down with the blues, we try to make it fun, heavy and danceable -- something everyone can get into."

Kings of Spade are scheduled to perform on Friday, March 7, at Last Exit Live during Viva Phoenix.

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Last Exit Live

717 S. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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