Fetish Revolution feat. The Genitorturers - Marquee Theatre - 2/15/14

Gen of The Genitorturers and the "Jackin' Man" onstage at the Marquee Theatre.
Fetish Revolution co-promoter James Bound played the role of MC following the LifeSuspended performance, introducing local goth goddess Suzy Homewrecker before shouting out, "Whose ready for a little pain? And little torture? Celebrating 20 years of depravity, here's Genitorturers!"

As the Fetish Revolution headliners came on, one couldn't help but feel a little excited. The band is known for their crazy erotic stage shows, so it was a perfect fit for something like the party. For more than 20 years this band has been kicking ass when it comes to theatrics and their high energy on stage.

Genitorturers guitarist Eric Griffin.

Front woman Gen came out in a Gestapo hat and skeletal mask, her bleached blonde hair flying wildly around as she headbanged around stage to tracks from their classic albums 120 Days of Genitorture (1992) and Blackheart Revolution (2009).

One of the band's first stunts involved a man wearing a weird baby mask and a robe wandering onto the stage during the song "Jackin' Man," whom Gen started to grinding on before he -- in the spirit of the song -- decided to pull out a strap-on and stroke it.

Bad dog.

About five songs in Gen yelled at someone in the front rows, "Do you want to suck the bass player's cock?" before a girl with a green Mohawk got on stage and led her latex-covered gimp (who was adorned in an animal mask) around for awhile, whipping him mercilessly.

Then Gen put on top hat with feathers and black fur cape for a sensual track where she's slinked round the stage and jutted out her hips suggestively to the crowd. The band randomly brought up different fans throughout the performance to let them dance -- or get danced on -- in as sexual a manner as possible.


While the performance of Genitorturers was fantastic, I was expecting a little bit more from the crowd, which was somewhat docile. Okay, maybe docile is the wrong word. They were cheering, but the majority of the time there wasn't much movement. Maybe it was the mish-mash of rave attire, cross-dressers, piercings and tattoos, whips and chains, or maybe I was letting the sexual energy go to my head. Either way, the majority of the patrons' enthusiasm seemed directed towards each other.

Critic's Notebook:

What: Fetish Revolution featuring The Genitorturers at Marquee Theatre

Personal bias: Let's just say that there should be an age limit for corsets and bondage wear.

Overheard in the Crowd: There is no way I could possibly pick out one thing after seeing slaves led around on leashes, people tied to whipping posts, and seeing the personal sex lives of people of all ages trotted out for public display.

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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Lani Conklin
Lani Conklin

Abbey and Valerie put on a great show but are actually from NY and the local band you missed was The Audio Virus.

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