Crush Music Festival - Arizona Event Center - 2/15/14

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Back at "Love is a Battleground," one of the closing headliners, DVBBS (consisting of brothers Chris and Alex Andre) had started. Andre starting the show by grabbing a microphone and hyping the crowd, as he tossed water bottles out to an exhausted audience.

They played remixes and originals like "She Wolf" and their gold record track, "Tsunami." Andre alternated from behind the decks to engaging with the crowd. He jumped it at one point and crowd surfed. Some of his punk rock roots showing.

DVBBS gave an overall banging performance, but Andre noted during an interview that fans can expect to see more variety from the DJs in 2014.


"We're playing a lot of big shows and big festivals, we just like those big, heavy tracks," said Andre. But he noted that the duo is working on a lot of new music, specifically some collaborations.

"One [collaboration] we're really excited about -- I can't say who yet, but he's one of our biggest role models -- we are going to be premiering a tack with him at Ultra this year."

When asked who he was, Andre only had hints and hype to offer.

"He's Dutch, I'll tell you that," he says. "We have a collaboration we've been working on with him for about six months. We co-produced it and I also sing on it. It's one of the first tracks that I sing on that we're going to premiere. It's more melodic and progressive. The last three or four tracks have been really hard bangers, so it's nice to be like, 'Alright guys, so you want to hear some melodic stuff?' It's nice to show people what we can do at our roots, with nice, pretty sounding music."

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Arizona Event Center

1300 S. Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ

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The more things change ,the more they stay the same. I  am glad crowd had a good time and people were safe and enjoyed themselves. Reminds me of back in the day at the WORKS , everybody rollin , all happy, listening to none other than MARCUS SCHULTS on the mix.....

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