Crush Music Festival - Arizona Event Center - 2/15/14

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Strobe lights and lasers shook the crowds vision as Charly and Pitchin took turns hyping the crowd by simultaneously jumping out in front of the DJ booth and speaking to the crowd via microphone, or jumping up onto the DJ decks, twirling towels over their heads. Their set was packed with drum n bass, dubstep, glitch and even some trap. Dirtyphonics even dropped their famous remix of "Seven Nation Army" along with new music like their recent release "Los Angeles."

"This is a big fucking sweat box right now," Charly yelled to the crowd mid-set. And the audience threw topless water bottles around like confetti as CO2 blasted from the mainstage.

After the show I asked Pitchin' what he thought of Phoenix and his answer was simple. "Phoenix is hot as fuck" he says. The DJ duo laughed, as they were soaked after their set and joked about how they looked at themselves when they got off stage and literally felt like they took a shower with all of their clothes on.

"It's probably about 110 degrees on the dance floor, but everyone is still raging," Charly says.

Charly and Pitchin had nothing but positive things to say about their tour with Excision and Ill Gates. "There's a great synergy between all of us. We spend the day together, we play the show, then we head back to the bus, and play music together," explained Charly. The act recently went from four members to three, after one of the founding members, Thomas, decided to pursue a career as a painter.


Pitchin and Charly explain that there are no hard feelings surrounding the split, it was simply Thomas' time to do something new.

"I met him probably 15 years ago, we started the band together, he's always been an artist and kind of multi-tasking a bunch of stuff at the same time. It was just about time for him to switch careers and pursue one of his other dreams," said Charly.

"And the thing about Thomas," Pitchin adds, "Is that he switched everything. He moved from Paris, he changed all of his life.When he does something, he's 100 percent in it. He's like 'Okay, I did this for 10 years. Check. What's the next step?' We are absolutely 100 percent supporting him with what he's doing."

Third member Pho is at the studio in Paris working on the band latest EP to be released through Dim Mak this year.

"We did a lot of remixes last year -- Linkin Park, Kaskade, Borgore -- so it was about time for us to start working on our own material again," says Charly.

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Arizona Event Center

1300 S. Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ

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The more things change ,the more they stay the same. I  am glad crowd had a good time and people were safe and enjoyed themselves. Reminds me of back in the day at the WORKS , everybody rollin , all happy, listening to none other than MARCUS SCHULTS on the mix.....

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