Chemicals of Democracy Brings a Modern Approach to Its Brain-Melting Metal
It's 2014 and high time you got some new music into your playlist -- seriously. And that's doubly true when it comes local music, of which there's an abundance in metro Phoenix. The Valley's music scene is gifted with burgeoning bands and emerging artists who will be making waves and getting attention this year.

Up on the Sun is highlighting more than a dozen such acts for our series 14 Bands You Need to Hear in 2014. Today, our resident metal writer Lauren Wise gets into the trenches with local hard rockers Chemicals of Democracy.

Attending an average performance by local hard rockers Chemicals of Democracy is far from average. In fact, it's akin to being at ground zero of a nuclear holocaust thanks to the band's brain-melting metal.

One of the most satisfying aspects of going to a Chemicals of Democracy show is that you can get a complete understanding of the band's style, influences, and strengths from just one or two tracks. It's just put right out there -- an in-your-face onslaught of high-energy heavy instrumentals meets radio-ready rock vocals.

The triple-guitar element (a personal favorite) brings some of the band's strong influences to the light, from the punishing thrash riffs reminiscent of Metallica to the dueling ascending guitars that recall Pantera to the smoldering melodic leads trademarked by Iron Maiden.

However, Chemicals of Democracy brings its own modern approach to the music to keep listeners on their toes. Along with the catchy choruses, surprise hooks, and vocals (think Volbeat's Michael Poulsen meets Metallica's James Hetfield), it's easy to see why the band has already played all over the globe.

In fact, the band has performed alongside Saxon, Sister Sin, and Anvil to name a few, and have even played two Hammerfests in the UK with greats like Anthrax, Hatebreed, and Skindred.

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