10 Best Open Mic Nights in Metro Phoenix

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Testing...one, two, three
For musicians looking to hone their craft, test out a few songs, or just show off their skills in front of some warm bodies, there are more than a few opportunities to do so at the various open mic nights throughout Metro Phoenix.

Many performing artists around the Valley have become regulars at said events -- which are usually held on weekday nights at local bars and music venues -- and stop by to perform every week, helping to create relationships and a network with other musicians.

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So whether you're looking for a little bit of the bar scene, something more on the relaxing side, or just a chance to be serenaded by an up-and-coming musician, here are 10 of the best open mics that Metro Phoenix has to offer.

Chelsea Hough

10. Fatso's Pizza

The music offerings at Fatso's every Thursday night are definitely not overpowering. The North Phoenix establishment is a pizza joint, so the noise level gets loud for those who are there to eat dinner. Typically, the only people who pay full attention to what's happening behind the mic are the other musicians. People, however, do clap when the musicians finish their songs, so even though performances serve more as background music, everyone seems to know what's happening during the open mic, if only distractedly. The talent level here, however, is high. There are a range of genres being performed each week, which helps add a little something extra to the mix.

Chelsea Hough

9. Rula Bula

This Mill Avenue mainstay's open mic night on Tuesdays may not be particularly busy, but the mood is always nice and the setup sounds fine. The music gives the place bar more of a relaxing, quiet feel even though it is as loud as most bars. People who are in attendance tend to chat while listening, pause to clap whenever the music finishes, and then go back to their conversations. Some customers throw out requests and are able to hear their song choice being performed.

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I bet ZoSo Coffehouse really appreciates the writer failing to state what night their open mic is.

Thanks writer!

Master Wayne
Master Wayne

Devil's Advocate Tuesday Nights. Located right next to the largest University in the country, Arizona State University. This event is quickly turning into the top collaborative event for musicians in the Phoenix area. All equipment provided (guitars, bass, drums, amps, and PA). Devils Advocate is located just East of University and Rural in Tempe, Arizona. http://ethan103.com/open-mic/ Photos: http://tinyurl.com/mvugf6k http://tinyurl.com/m7zz6ra

Nicholet Deschine
Nicholet Deschine

I've heard a variety of music at Devil's Advocate's Open Mic: rock, country, hip hop, pop, regga, ska, and punk... Great place to be on a Tuesday night.

Jessica Ache
Jessica Ache

InFuse!!!!!!! Hands down the beat out of all in the valley. Great energy! They record utyohr performance and put a collaboration video todether to share. Poets and musicians. InFUSE OPEN MIC

Shane Pogue
Shane Pogue

When it comes back, Woodbangers Mon at Pub Rock O'Kelly's Sunday Sessions Tuesday night at Devils Advocate I've done Joes before, it was alright, I want to go back, but always seem to be busy.

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