Yellowcard - Nile Theater - 1/18/14 (VIDEO)

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Photos by Chelsea Hough
Yellowcard performs at Nile Theater last night. See more photos via our slideshow.

Nile Theater

Attending Yellowcard's show on Saturday night at the Nile made me realize just how old I'm getting -- and I was one of the youngest persons there. Along with a crowd of 20-somethings, 30-somethings, and a few teens, I was celebrating the tenth anniversary of Yellowcard's landmark Ocean Avenue album, which -- like many -- I first listened to after it first dropped in 2003. So you can bet this was a bit of a nostalgia trip for me and many others in attendance.

Yellowcard played through Ocean Avenue in its entirety during a completely acoustic set, keeping the crowd pretty mellowed out. Everyone was just standing while swaying and enjoying the music, since there weren't really any flat-out headbang-worthy moments.

But it was nice, and I'm sure was a bit of an initial relief for lead singer Ryan Key, who unfortunately was sick and losing his voice.

He was a trooper nonetheless and gave it his all throughout the night and still sounded great regardless of the sore throat.

His illness didn't stop his bandmates from going all out, though. While Key managed to stay basically in one place, violinist Sean Mackin, guitarist Ryan Mendez (who hails from Tempe), and bassist Josh Portman were all over the stage getting the crowd pumped and singing along. And "Ocean Avenue" was the song that really got the crowd started as people moving a bit more and clapping to the beat.

Things slowed down when the band played "Empty Apartment," nixing the bass and the drums and making it one of the more intimate and emotional moments of the night. Mackin later performed a violin solo, something the crowd especially dug, which is one of the traits that sets Yellowcard apart from most pop-punk bands.

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Watching the videos is nostalgic and I really enjoyed the slideshow! Great article, hope to read more soon! 

- Frankie 

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