The Whisperlights' Long Distance Relationship Is Over

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But hey, we had good times, right? Riske was already remembering the good times when we talked to him. "We did two summer tours up and down the West Coast in 2010 and 2011. Both were amazingly fun, and we were lucky enough to play with a lot of really amazing groups all over. Spending two to three weeks with your closest friends in a van without air conditioning, with nothing else to do but drive 300 miles and then play music that you love, is pretty unbeatable."

Their final show is a call-back to those days: "Mostly, you can expect us all grinning from ear to ear and laughing our way through our set. Tobie [Milford] will deadpan all of his jokes. Owen will do his head-shakey thing when he is really into what he's playing. Wasef will tell some bad jokes, and then laugh at them. I'll do my ankle-jive dance. Chris will adjust his fedora several times. Henri [Benard] will shout "WHOOOOO!" and throw up his hands. Brent [Bachelder] will forget something, maybe a note, probably a cable. And Dave will probably mug for the cameras all night. Which cameras? All the cameras."

And whatever happens, and whatever the members of the Whisperlights do next--Riske has a new band, There Is Danger, who'll be opening their final show--we'll always have Phoenix.

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