The Whisperlights Announce Breakup and Final Show at Crescent Ballroom

Will the final show feature the full band?
Yes, everyone will be there!

What can we expect from your farewell show?
Well, we have friends making special appearances -- they'll come up for a song or two and play with us. Mostly, you can expect us all grinning from ear to ear and laughing our way through our set. Tobie [Milford] will deadpan all of his jokes. Owen will do his head-shakey thing when he is really into what he's playing. Wasef will tell some bad jokes, and then laugh at them. I'll do my ankle-jive dance. Chris will adjust his fedora several times. Henri [Benard] will shout "WHOOOOO!" and throw up his hands. Brent [Bachelder] will forget something, maybe a note, probably a cable. And Dave will probably mug for the cameras all night. Which cameras? All the cameras.

What will the Whisperlights guys be up to after this?
Lots of stuff! I'll go down the list one-by-one:

Illya: I have a new band, There Is Danger, and we'll be opening the last Whisperlights show. We released an album in mid-2013, and are working on material for a new album at the moment. I'm also playing guitar in the new Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra with a slew of wonderful people.

Tobie Milford: Tobie's working on a new album at the moment and is still active as a solo artist as well as playing with a quartet now and then.

Dave Gironda: Dave lives in LA. I dunno if he's doing much music these days.

Wasef El-Kharouf: Finishing his film degree at the moment. I don't know if he has any musical projects going on, but I doubt it -- he's pretty busy with film.

Owen Marshall: Owen had another band in Ithaca, Ssunn Sspellss, which was pretty droney and awesome. It may have been spelled Sun Spells as well. Anyway, they got banned from a lot of bars in Ithaca because they were too awesome, and because Ithaca is full of squares. Apparently.

Brent Bachelder: Brent continues to play bass for Underground Cities.

Henri Benard: Dry River Yacht Club and The Sunpunchers, both great local bands who have reputations that precede them.

Chris Kasych: Continues to produce AZ native bands like Party Gardens, formerly Yellow Minute, and works too hard.

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The Whisperlights perform their final show with There is Danger and Dry River Yacht Club on Saturday, January 11 at Crescent Ballroom.

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