Treasure Mammal - The Trunk Space - 1/16/14

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Melissa Fossum
Treasure Mammal is one of those bands that you have to see live to fully understand. Words can only go so far to describe the performance art, interpretive dance, and random nods to pop culture that make up a Treasure Mammal show. This is the type of band you want to say represents the Phoenix music scene half in anticipation of a reaction, and half because it's fitting.

Shows at small venues like The Trunk Space, Last Exit Live, Meat Market Vintage, etc. do represent Phoenix culture, especially when a band as eclectic as Treasure Mammal takes the stage. Phoenix is kind of weird, and there's something special about watching a show with 20-40 other people.

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The Trunk Space's intimate setting was the perfect location for Treasure Mammal to spread out and interact with its fans. The band set up on the floor next to the coffee bar, taking up about half of the room thanks to the talents of dual masked drummers Jef Wright and Jef Wrong.

A Claire Slattery slinked through the crowd to dance with audience members, as the Jefs drummed along to John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland." Treasure Mammal frontman Abe Gil rallied the crowd together to touch hands in a sense that almost felt like a pre-show prayer, just with way more spandex.

"This song features Taylor Swift, even though she doesn't know about it," said Gil, as he screamed "we are never getting back together" over a song with a hip hop beat that featured fast drums a la "Black Skinhead." In the interim, A Claire Slattery did yoga poses in the middle of the floor.

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