Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Ratt Louvau
Jim Louvau
Here's the problem: I'd really like to open this Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend with an animated GIF of Dick Van Dyke and his a cappella group just kind of dancing around and having a good time.

But that's on their official website, and not designated a press image. So we'll have to settle for Ratt. I'm sorry.

Ratt - Ovations Live! Chandler - Friday, January 24

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt once told MTV that the band didn't see the rest of their genre as competition -- that their real peers were bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

We all know that was crazy talk, in hindsight, coming from a band whose enduring catchphrase is Ratt and Roll. All pretentiousness aside, Pearcy and the band not only brought the party from the '80s with them last time they were in town (with Dokken at the Celebrity Theatre), they also sounded incredible.

The band comprised all its original members, save for the deceased Robbin Crosby, who has since been replaced by Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo. Warren DeMartini's lead guitar tone made you feel like you were on the Sunset Strip, and their setlist gave fans exactly what they wanted -- hits like "Way Cool Jr.", "Lay It Down", "You're in Love," and set closer "Round and Round." -- Jim Louvau

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Jon Crowley
Jon Crowley

When Dick Van Dyke and Charo are in your top-5 must-see's, perhaps being blind wouldn't be a bad thing.

Bobby Kelso
Bobby Kelso

Hopefully, I get tickets to see Ratt tonight!

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