Toxic Holocaust and Exhumed Engage in An All-Out Metal War at Club Red on Tuesday

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Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust.
There's going to be a war going on inside Club Red tomorrow night -- and your cochlea may not survive the battle.

The Tempe music venue will play host to representatives of some of the music world's most heaviest and hardest music genres -- including Portland's Toxic Holocaust and Northern California's Exhumed -- that will do their best to destroy ear drums and shred vocal chords for the 800 or so punks, metalheads, and members of the heathen set who will drop a mere $15 to join the fray.

Club Red is a sort of notorious in the local music for their longstanding "No Moshing" policy, but that probably won't discourage either of the headliners of Tuesday night's paean to all things loud and chaotic from going all out, especially Toxic Holocaust.

Equal parts Black Flag, Exodus, and spiky leather jackets, these dudes have probably listened to Broken Bones classic F.O.A.D. record a time or two, but I won't hold that against them as more bands should do the same. The extreme metal band is marking a decade and a half of existence in 2014, and honestly, their music reminds me of being 15 and focused completely on cranking the stereo and fucking shit up.

The left coast will also represented on this bill by San Jose-based death metal foursome Exhumed, who are familiar to some of us desert dwellers as they regularly record with local metal guru Ryan Butler at his Chandler studio, Arcane Digital Recording. Exhumed takes their gore seriously, as you may have surmised from both their name and the title of their latest record, Necrocracy which is as solid as anything they have done in the past.

However, there will be a few more flavors of metal and hard rock being represented at Club Red on Tuesday.

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Club Red

1308 W. University Dr., Mesa, AZ

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