Synrgy - The Sail Inn - 1/17/14

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Oregon-based reggae five-piece Synrgy played Tempe's Sail Inn on Friday night, along with locals Kush County and Vegas-based Lady Reiko and the Sin City Prophets. The entire show was played on the Sail Inn's indoor stage, which generally would be a bad thing. (Even jovial Synrgy fron man Brian Zach called having to play indoors "a bummer" in the days leading up to the show.)

But with island music coming from all directions, all problems of venue were easily forgotten as the crowd swayed to the chill tones of the three acts. With the tie-dye apparel tent set up in the corner, Tempe Town Lake in sight, and a bar area that rapidly became as humid as an island night, the show almost began to feel like it was part of a tropical vacation.

Kush County opened, followed by Lady Reiko and the Sin City Prophets, and both acts attracted decent crowds. Once Synrgy hit, though, the venue really got packed from front to back. Compared to a lot of the reggae acts around town, Synrgy plays a more traditional style.

Many of the local reggae acts blend punk and rock stylings into their songs; Synrgy goes for a smoother, more relaxed vibe. The more traditional stylings are especially evident on its new EP, Summertime, the release Synrgy is currently touring behind. (The last time Synrgy came to town, it sported a completely different lineup, one that included a much heavier rock-influenced guitarist in Clay Baker.)

On this go-round, guitarist Chase Larue was playing lead, and he's a much more calming influence than Baker, though he is not without his own flair. Larue showed some razzle-dazzle mid-set during "Blow Those Clouds Away," when he played slide guitar while balancing a full beer.

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