The Shivereens - Crescent Ballroom - 1/7/13

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"The Shivereens, you know--I'm always convinced that every Shivereens show is going to be the last one, and then we get to play an awesome show like this tonight and that gets me all excited about the band again," said Oxborrow.

Every Shivereens song comes with a story about murder and intrigue, and one is even about infanticide. But Oxborrow and the band make those gruesome stories sound . . . fun.

Last up was Sister Lip, and the feisty four-piece was sporting a new bass player playing in what they all agreed was her first "official" show with the band. Emily Schalick took the place of Cheri French, and in her first show outside the friendly confines of Sister Lip's "home field" at Long Wong's Tempe had a seamless transition into one of the hottest bands in Phoenix.

"I have some work to do. Their last bass player was really awesome, and so I'm trying to learn her bad-ass bass lines," said Schalick following their set. Perhaps Schalick and the band are picking up on the more subtle nuances of their bassist, because the crowd did not seem to notice the difference.

In the easily packed partitioned room everyone was dancing to Sister Lip's jazzy rock 'n' roll sounds, and in the venue known to have the best sound system in town they sounded spectacular. Even with the addition of a new bass player the other three members have been getting so strong playing together they pick up the slack.

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