Seven Music Lessons I'm Passing Down the Family Tree

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My oldest daughter arrived yesterday with my two grandsons, ages 1 and 3.

That's right. I'm a music-blogging grandpa. If you've ever read any of my past rambling, you may remember that I'm still wrangling kids as well (five kids total, three in the house). That means I've got myself seven descendants. Not bad for a wee pup of 48, eh?

As timing would have it, I promised my editor that I'd start writing again this week. God forbid I would have thought that through. So I sat there at Kiwanis Park and watched the kids play this morning, mildly lamenting my failure, and the fact that I'd soon have to sequester myself from these amazing little beings to write.

Then I had a realization that cheered me up. This week I'll write about music for them.

Is Music Really Such a Big Deal, Gramps?

It might sound silly to you, but like all things with my kids, I take this very seriously. Because a father (and grandfather) has a responsibility to teach his kids about the important things in life -- like music.

I realize that most people don't put music on their "teach your children well" top 10 list.

This particular patriarch does.

We're talking music here. The ever-present art form that has dominated my life. The one that has put food in my mouth since I got out of college, and in theirs since they showed up. It takes me and my little soul to a place where very few things take me.

Without further ado, here are seven "music lessons" I'm hoping to impart upon my descendants.

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All sound advice, but first you'll have to find someone to let you cum in their cunt. Consensual would be preferred. But seriously, give up writing. 

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