Now Open: Record Revival's Newer, Bigger Midtown Location

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Record Revival near Seventh Street and Osborn Road.
Local vinyl junkies in need of a fix now have a new place to score. Namely, the recently reopened Record Revival. Earlier this month, the LP emporium went from pint-size to supersize after debuting its newer, bigger digs along Osborn Road near Seventh Street, which boasts three rooms' worth of used records. And more reportedly are on the way.

Store manager Matt Martinez, who's also the bassist in local death metal band Landmine Marathon, estimates that they currently have 10,000 to 12,000 records on display throughout the 1,500-square-foot location, a former office space and food bank on the bottom floor of an old fourplex apartment building. It's a far cry from Record Revival's original home as a smaller pop-up shop inside Guitar Tree next door.

Martinez says they've got space to spare, including another room that will open in the next month or two and eventually contain even more records that he and other employees haven't sorted yet.

"I've counted the back stock that we haven't gone through and sorted yet from trades and buys," he says. "And there's another 4,000 to 5,000 that we haven't put out yet."

Martinez, is eager to dive into the task, since he's been a vinyl fanatic since his teenage years when he began haunting the old Eastside in Tempe.

"Eastside Records raised me," he says. "I shopped there as a kid and learned a lot about records and always had a passion for 'em. In the '90s, I was shopping there as a kid and picking up punk. And the passion never left me. That's kind of been the whole thing of it, I've always been into records."

So Martinez, a onetime employee of Guitar Tree, was plenty stoked when the shop's former co-owner, Mike Casey, asked the bassist's advice last fall about records. More specifically, how to go about selling off an enormous vinyl collection that Casey had inherited from a recently deceased relative.

"He asked me about with this massive collection of records, about 7,000 or so, and wanted to know, 'What would you do with this? How would you go about distributing all these records?," Martinez says.

The bassist's advice was simple: start a store.

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