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Schaffer the Darklord
Don't worry: This man has not been harmed. He's simply very intensely hopeful that you'll come see his show. If you don't--well, he could stop bleeding, or he could bleed even more. It's hard to tease out his emotions.

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Mega Ran

Schaffer the Darklord - Pub Rock Live - Tuesday, January 14

The internet makes local music confusing. Mega Ran is from Phoenix, but it might be
equally enlightening to just say he's from the internet--the reigning champion of Mega-Man-related hip hop, a chronicler of videogames and the videogame fandom, and a well-known face on the gaming convention scene from PAX to MAGFest. If you don't know any of that, though--if his New Year's Eve review of the year in gaming lost you at PS4, let alone Ouya--you just might know him as Random, a teacher-turned-rapper who puts his smooth, practiced flow to use talking about the travails that come with being the kind of person who's a big videogame nerd, and not just the videogames themselves.

Either persona is a fitting opener for Schaffer the Darklord, whose material is more general-purpose nerdy and whose stage name belies tongue-in-Heath-Ledger-Joker-cheek tracks like "Afraid of Everything" and "The Rappist," the only job title the anxiety-ridden New Yorker non-rapper is willing to cop to. As it turns out, the internet makes hip hop pretty confusing, too.


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