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Mad Conductor

Mad Conductor - Trunk Space - Thursday, January 9

Me, I'm pretty simple: All it takes for me to give a band a second look is the gumption to unilaterally declare yourselves a "legendary renegade space rock band." Of course, doing that and then not being legendary, or renegades, or (and this is especially bad) space rock is a good way to get yourself disqualified from any third looks.

Mad Conductor might not strike you as rock right away, and their status as renegades or legends is an eye-of-the-beholder thing, but spacey -- they hit spacey right away, playing a mix of gawky, skillful hip-hop and goofy electro sounds that seems intuitively right as a soundtrack to a half-stoned viewing of Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

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IT would be nice if you listed all the bands that will be playing that night "Mad Conductor - Trunk Space - Thursday, January 9" Doors open at 7pm All ages!
Shining Soul-Music

Jack the Cat   <SKA/Punk/core
Liam and the Ladies   Ska/New Wave
Mad Conductor

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