Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Pick & Holler - Rhythm Room - Wednesday, January 8

Phoenix's Pick & Holler is not being ironic or glib when they call themselves an "old-time string band" or their genre "old-time Appalachian music." That's what they are, and that's what they play: A mix of genres connected by their energy and their place in American history.

There's a place for both genres of old-time string bands -- the ones who bend toward contemporary pop sounds and the ones who do their best to preserve something that already exists -- and I'm glad that when you go to a show in Phoenix and see a bunch of guys with vests setting up their acoustic instruments, you've got fair odds of seeing either kind.

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IT would be nice if you listed all the bands that will be playing that night "Mad Conductor - Trunk Space - Thursday, January 9" Doors open at 7pm All ages!
Shining Soul-Music

Jack the Cat   <SKA/Punk/core
Liam and the Ladies   Ska/New Wave
Mad Conductor

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