Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Murrieta - Crescent Ballroom - Wednesday, January 8

The first of four "Acoustic Wednesdays" scheduled at Crescent this month is Murrieta, who's got an album coming out in February. The Mesa sextet hasn't played since Thanksgiving, and they won't play again until they're celebrating the release of A Head & Hand, which makes this a good time to get accustomed to their back catalog.

The all-acoustic sound will be more of a departure for them than it would your average indie-folk types -- their self-titled EP is decorated throughout with a slippery, singing electric guitar -- but their bouncy Americana, which seems as influenced by The Format as it is the cassette stand at an interstate gas station -- won't suffer from the change of pace. Huckleberry and Owl & Penny will join them Wednesday.

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IT would be nice if you listed all the bands that will be playing that night "Mad Conductor - Trunk Space - Thursday, January 9" Doors open at 7pm All ages!
Shining Soul-Music

Jack the Cat   <SKA/Punk/core
Liam and the Ladies   Ska/New Wave
Mad Conductor

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