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Mad Conductor
Are you still writing 2013 on your checks? Are you still writing checks? If the first full week of the year has you a little jet-lagged, it might not seem like a good idea to go to a probably loud show that goes until probably very late at night.

But sometimes the only way to become less tired is to become more tired. At least, that's what the guy in the worn-out-est standard training t-shirt told me the other day while he was trying to get me into his van.


The Shivereens - Crescent Ballroom - Tuesday, January 7

Here's a crowded bill for a free show: The Shivereens, who don't get out much, joined by Sister Lip, the Sunpunchers, and D.G. Scherrer (backed by the Haymarket Squares, also well-represented among the Shivereens). Normally, I'd write something about the Shivereens here -- some weird explanation of their sound, etc. -- but they've got an all-time-great Facebook About explanation of their own, and I'm just going to let them take it from here:

Driving through the South in 1965, you idly twist the AM radio dial. The DJ plays country, soul, gospel, and a little rockabilly. There's a dead body in your trunk.

Well, sure.

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IT would be nice if you listed all the bands that will be playing that night "Mad Conductor - Trunk Space - Thursday, January 9" Doors open at 7pm All ages!
Shining Soul-Music

Jack the Cat   <SKA/Punk/core
Liam and the Ladies   Ska/New Wave
Mad Conductor

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