Over the Weekend: Volcano Choir, Yellowcard, Treasure Mammal, and Planet of the Drums

Chelsea Hough
Yellowcard performs at Nile Theater on Saturday, January 18. See more photos via our slideshow.
So, how was your weekend? Perhaps you got all up in the club, got in as much revelry as possible, or got yourself into one of the big concerts going on around town. Then again, maybe you just sat around killing time before the big NFC or AFC championship games came on the tube.

Meanwhile, the Up on the Sun staff spent the past several nights hitting up shows like Treasure Mammal's wild gig at Trunk Space on Thursday, Volcano Choir's intimate performance at the Crescent Ballroom the next night, Yellowcard's celebration of the 10th anniversary of Ocean Avenue over at the Nile in Mesa on Saturday, and elsewhere. In case you missed any of these must-see shows, here's a look back at each.

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Melissa Fossum
The members of Treasure Mammal perform at the Trunk Space on Thursday, January 16. See more photos via our slideshow.

Treasure Mammal - The Trunk Space - 1/16/14
Treasure Mammal is one of those bands that you have to see live to fully understand. Words can only go so far to describe the performance art, interpretive dance, and random nods to pop culture that make up a Treasure Mammal show. This is the type of band you want to say represents the Phoenix music scene half in anticipation of a reaction, and half because it's fitting.

Shows at small venues like The Trunk Space, Last Exit Live, Meat Market Vintage, etc. do represent Phoenix culture, especially when a band as eclectic as Treasure Mammal takes the stage. Phoenix is kind of weird, and there's something special about watching a show with 20-40 other people...Read the full review of Treasure Mammal's show.

Location Info


Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Nile Theater

105 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ

Category: Music

The Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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